Westport Center for the Arts is seeking proposals from Kansas City-based emerging or established artists for exhibitions to be held in a rotating gallery at the Westport Presbyterian Church: 201 Westport Road, Kansas City, MO 64111.

Apply at any time: once accepted we will schedule the show.We are hoping to hold our next show starting in January 2018. Artists can collaborate and submit as a unified group if desired. Although the venue is a church, the artwork does not have to be religious in nature. This call is open to artists working 2-dimensionally and 3-dimensionally— we value creativity, experimentation, and thinking outside the box, thus we hope that artists can use our space in unique ways.

Combination of any of our current themes and interests.

WCA will be responsible for advertising/promotion, venue, and opening reception. The artist is responsible for any other aspects including framing, transporting, and installing art. If a piece of art is sold, 10% of the profit goes to WCA, and the rest goes to the artist. 

Applicants should supply the following information and materials:

  • Name
  • Contact information (Phone number, email address, mailing address)
  • Resume
  • Representative photos of each artwork to be shown (completed or in progress)
  • Corresponding Image List (Include title, date, media, dimensions, price)
  • Artist's statement

These materials should be emailed as an attachment in PDF (information) and .JPG (photos of work) format to gracekateodell@gmail.com.You can submit at any time.

Westport Presbyterian Church has four spaces to show art. The fellowship hall has a combined wall length of 39 feet and six inches on two opposite walls. The chapel has a combined wall length of 36 feet on two opposite walls. The sanctuary has two back walls with a combined wall length of 28 feet and two inches. The hanging system used in all rooms is a cable system with Secure Gripper Hooks. Two cables together can hold up to 75 lbs. The wall height in all the rooms is 110 inches. The “storefront” area has walls to hang art, but we’d like to focus on showing art next to the windows, whether by using pedestals to show sculpture or finding a way to attach art directly to the windows. While the spaces overall are mostly geared towards two-dimensional artwork, please discuss with us the options of displaying three dimensional work. See the attached photos of the spaces, taken during an exhibit of children’s art created by WCA’s Kids Team Up for Art program.

During art exhibits, Westport Presbyterian Church continues holding church services in the sanctuary, meetings in the fellowship hall, support groups in the storefront, and choir practice in the chapel. The church/gallery will be open to visitors weekdays 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM and Sunday 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM. There will be a receptionist at the church during those times. Although the space is safe, you show your work here at your own risk. It is recommended that the artist have insurance on their pieces: in the unlikely event of any damages, WCA is not liable.

NB: Artist(s) are solely responsible for installing and de-installing their artwork in a timely fashion. If this is not possible, artist(s) risk(s) forfeiting the possibility of showing at Westport Presbyterian Church.

We look forward to seeing what our community has to offer!

Please send any questions to gracekateodell@gmail.com.