Westport Center for the Arts believes that when the community creates art, the arts create community. As we celebrate our 10th Anniversary Year, our mission continues to be uncovering beauty and meaning in Kansas City through music, theatre, art exhibits and children’s arts programming in public libraries. It is important to us that our arts events are affordable, accessible, and creative.

A music group we recently featured said, “We have not been able to perform tonight’s program in ten years. WCA has given us an audience for our most creative work.”

An actor told us, “Due to grief over the death of my mother, I have not been able to act in a year, but this part, this character, in a WCA produced play, has inspired me to take the stage again.”

A child in Kids Team Up for Art wanted to take home the Gigantic Letter “E” in the team art project “DREAM BIG” because it was the first letter in her name “Eve”.

This is our story! This is our song!Come join us in creating art and community in a world that desperately needs both!